Louis XVI Style Six-Light Candelabra, circa 1870, French gilt and glass candelabra, gilt arms gilt grease pans, gilt nozzles, cut glass and beveled top spire (26mm – 10 1/2”) tall.  Dressed in antique lead crystal buttons and icicles. Sympathetically fully restored and in immaculate condition, six external arms for beeswax candles. Stamped with the initials 'G.S.'



Height – 1.0m (39 1/2” inches) Including the top crystal spire.

Diameter – 56cm (22” inches).



15 kgs – (33.1 lbs).

This candelabra is in immaculate condition. It is fully restored and the glass repinned.


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Magnificent Louis XVI Style Six-Light Candelabra, French, circa 1870

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